New Version of Monopoly Has a Smart A.I. Banker That Prevents Cheating

Monopoly is one of the board games where people cheat the most and is known for turning entire families against each other. The new “Voice Banking” edition replaces the person in charge of the bank with a Smart A.I top hat that takes care of all transactions.

The new virtual banker is no Siri, though, and does not require access to your wi-fi network or the Internet. Players start the game by identifying themselves via one of four buttons located on top of the hat, and then sends verbal instructions to the assistant via commands such as “Buy Atlantic Avenue.” The assistant takes care of all financial transaction, so no paper money is included with the game, which eliminates one method of cheating.

For those interested, the “Voice Banking” edition of Monopoly is available for pre-order on Amazon and will be available for shipping on June 26 for $29.99.