Ice Ice Baby – Old School Computer Remix Featuring Stephen Hawking DECtalk Vocals

From BD596:

Sorry, It has been a while since my last old school computer remix. Can someone tell me what phone number I am dialing? Hint listen to the other end answer the phone. The audio is optimized for stereo headphones. About 60% of my time was spent programming the DECTalk vocals for Ice Ice Baby. It was really tough to keep the vocals in sync. Back in 2009 I used a 8 inch floppy in my Bohemian Rhapsody video and do prefer that sound. However it appears people are more familiar with 3.5 inch floppy drives rather than 5.25 and 8 inch drives. So in the video I decided to Frankenstein a 3.5 Floppy and CD Rom head assembly.

That guy also has plenty of other really cool videos, here are a few of our favorite ones:


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