Dear Internet, Please Stop Complaining [Editorial]

To whom it may concern,

Lately, I have been very disappointed by the words some of you have allowed yourselves to write, thanks to the cover of a screen name and a computer. Maybe it’s the exhausted teacher in me, but I can’t help it. Television, entertainment, movies are not democratic processes where one can order as in a restaurant!

I have watched many comments concerning movies in the past few weeks, where people are being offended because, well I’m not too sure as to why they are offended: there are too many reasons! She isn’t smiling enough! He didn’t write it like I wanted! The character looks different than what I imagined!

I have seen petitions for rewrites of series finales. I have witnessed anger and hate towards actors of characters created for the sole purpose of entertainment. I am very sad and disappointed with you, writer of such horrendous things.

Please don’t put me in the stocks.

It seems that, in this day and age, where everything is on demand, where the customer is always right and where we want to talk to the manager (we’re looking at you, Karen) that we have forgotten about the creators. The brat within is now flourishing thanks to social media, questioning the sole essence of amazing writers and creators for the sake of a two year-old toddler tantrum.

You know how everything is going retro? Or how everything is being remade? Well how about we remake our way of thinking and accept that someone had a greater, grander vision about something… that someone wanted to end something differently.

We must learn to let it go, to accept that not everything will go our way. How about focusing on the positive side of life? How about we find the good in what we see?

[Picture Source: Pixabay]