LAST DAY: MASSIVE Geeks are Sexy Store Memorial Day Sale! (IT Certification Prep Courses, Gadgets, Apps, and More!)

Update: This is the last day of our sale! If you’re looking to get an IT certification (COMPTIA, Cisco CCNA, CSIE, Microsoft and Oracle SQL,) today is the day to get our courses using promo code WEEKEND60!

The Geeks are Sexy store is currently holding a massive memorial day sale! If you’re interested in getting some courses about Information technology, security, programming, and more, a lifetime VPN, or cool gadgets and gear, be sure to check out our sale via the links below.

-Save 60% off online courses with promo code WEEKEND60:

IT and Security

Save 25% off on apps and software with code WEEKEND25

Save 15% off on gear and gadgets with code WEEKEND15

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