This Gigantic Doctor Who TARDIS Mug is Bigger on the Inside

This officially-licenced Tardis mug can hold up to 64 oz. of you favorite beverage, caffeinated or not. This thing can hold a little more than 5 cups of regular coffee, so the question is, how much coffee is too much coffee? Also, for a mug that big, it’s pretty affordable.

Edit: Get it for 50% OFF (about $12.50) with promo code “MOVINGDAY”

We’re not morning people, but this 64 Oz TARDIS Mug gets us through the day quite nicely. Though if you’re depending on this huge mug to hit your caffeine quota, we’re pretty sure one cup is probably enough. Though the Doctor would probably prefer tea instead. Good thing this mug is suitable for all liquids.


[64 Oz TARDIS Mug]