Is Avengers: Endgame Fat-Shaming? [Contains Spoilers]

Yesterday, a friend of mine posted about people stating the Avengers: Endgame is fat-shaming… Uhhhg! Can’t a story just be told anymore without having groups being offended?

Warning: Spoiler alert!

Yes, I did burst out laughing in the movie theater when the first image of a drunken Thor appeared, as well as all the people there! Why did we all laugh? Because this image was unexpected. Thor is a God, a perfect being. He has always been represented as a fighter. Thor always gets back up. Thor never gives up. Thor never lets down anybody.

But because Thor is always perfect, because he knows he has always been perfect, his descent into the abyss is greater than that of others. Thor usually doesn’t fail, but the time he does, he fails so big that the whole universe must pay the price.

His descent is not shown to us, just the end result of his Lebowskiesque profile. The once great and mighty Thor is now a fat, alcoholic remnant of a God, not even able to rule his own living room.

I do not think Avengers: Endgame directors the Russo brothers wanted to fat-shame anybody. Let’s stop being offended by anything and everything we see and maybe try and think of why it is like it is.

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  1. It would greatly help if people understood that losing weight isn’t just cutting calories and exercising more, burning more calories than you take in. It involves breaking old habits, dealing with the issues that led to where they are now, understanding that – like people who use or abuse drugs and alcohol – at the core is often a symptom of depression or mental illness to which eating has become a coping mechanism. It sounds like Thor could have been a great vehicle for this, had the movie not had the issue of saving half the universe first…

  2. Having him get fat isn’t fat shaming.
    Having every single comment about him related to his appearance or diet is. “You look like melted ice cream” or referring to cheese whiz flowing through his veins. Or the very last thing his doomed mother says to him is “eat a salad”.
    To saying nothing the the depression following his failure resulting in his becoming a massive stereotype of video gamers.

    He’s treated as a joke. And his depression is treated as a joke.
    His suffering from a very real mental illness is a source of comedy.

    “Ha ha, Thor can’t even get through a serious meeting without looking like a fool.”
    “Ha ha, now he’s running and failing at his mission, dooming everyone again.l

    Imagine if they had given Cap that character arc. If we were expected to laugh AT him for three hours.

  3. This wasn’t fat shaming. Fat shaming would have been him not able to move, or tripping over things because of his belly. He’s fat. He fought without reservation or second thought. He’s awesome.

  4. The idea thst this is fat shaming is absurd. People will find any reason to be butthurt.

    Enjoy the freaking movie already.

  5. I’m from Germany and tbh we find it mostly stupid what people in the USA find shaming. Shame this, shame that…ridiculous!

    Immediatle after I saw the movie I updated my dating profiles.
    Now it says:
    Body features: like Thor in Avengers (Endgame)

    Stop that stupid senseless shaming thing, embrace the things people find offending.

  6. I have yet to read the article because I ….still have to watch the movie!

    You cannot spoil contents of the movie in the title and then put [SPOILER]!!

    Next time make sure to put a more obscure title and tag everything before giving details of the movie!

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