Is Avengers: Endgame Fat-Shaming? [Contains Spoilers]

Yesterday, a friend of mine posted about people stating the Avengers: Endgame is fat-shaming… Uhhhg! Can’t a story just be told anymore without having groups being offended?

Warning: Spoiler alert!

Yes, I did burst out laughing in the movie theater when the first image of a drunken Thor appeared, as well as all the people there! Why did we all laugh? Because this image was unexpected. Thor is a God, a perfect being. He has always been represented as a fighter. Thor always gets back up. Thor never gives up. Thor never lets down anybody.

But because Thor is always perfect, because he knows he has always been perfect, his descent into the abyss is greater than that of others. Thor usually doesn’t fail, but the time he does, he fails so big that the whole universe must pay the price.

His descent is not shown to us, just the end result of his Lebowskiesque profile. The once great and mighty Thor is now a fat, alcoholic remnant of a God, not even able to rule his own living room.

I do not think Avengers: Endgame directors the Russo brothers wanted to fat-shame anybody. Let’s stop being offended by anything and everything we see and maybe try and think of why it is like it is.

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