Programming Courses: The Ultimate Backend Developer 14-Course Bundle (98% OFF!)

The Ultimate Backend Developer Bundle is a massive 78-Hour 14-course bundle that will get you on your way to a profitable programming career!

Included in the bundle:

-Bootstrap 4 Rapid Web Development Framework
-Complete SQL Database Training Course
-Learn JavaScript In 1 Hour
-Learn jQuery In 1 Hour
-Learn Python In 1 Hour
-The Complete Java And Android Studio Course For Beginners
-Fast Track Python For Newbies
-Learn JavaScript AJAX In 1 Hour
-Learn jQuery AJAX In 1 Hour
-Learn Python Django: A Hands On Course
-Dynamic JavaScript Masterclass
-The Complete Bootstrap For Rapid Web Development Course
-Introduction To React And Redux: Code Web Apps In JavaScript
-C Programming For Beginners

The Ultimate Backend Developer 14-Course Bundle$2,786 $49 (98% OFF)

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