What Kind of Beer Drinker are You? [Flowchart]


This one is for all the beer geeks out there! I’d partly define myself as an explorer/egalitarian hybrid, but what about you guys? Let us know in the comments section below!

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15 Responses to What Kind of Beer Drinker are You? [Flowchart]

  1. I know a lot a people that fit into each category- personally I’m closest to the Egalitarian. The seasons weigh heavily on what beer I want. Dark/heavier beers in winter, lighter/citrus beers in summer.

  2. Anything for people that just drink water? Not drinks that taste like water, but actual water. You know, so you don’t poison yourself with alcohol or sugar.

    • I love drinking water! I also love coke, but I know it’s not good for me, so I just drink it sometimes (like in special occasions). As for beer… I’m the beer hater type, so, no.

  3. Some days I’m a brosplorer, other days I’m an explorobro. Either I’m purposefully trying a bunch of different stuff to get drunk or inadvertently getting drunk by trying a bunch of weird stuff (oops, those last couple pints were 11%?).

  4. Somewhere between a snob and an egalitarian, I guess. I won’t touch watery domestics, but outside of those I’ve hardly found a beer I don’t have a taste for at least *some* of the time.

  5. Guinness is in fact a fantastic beer, as is Harp. As an irishmen those are my favorite beers, yes its a stereotype, YES ireland has other good beers. I dont like the big american brands, their beer tastes like piss.

  6. Can I be both a Bear Hater and an Explorer? I try most things at least once but in the end I have yet to find a beer I’ve truly enjoyed (unless you count ciders? but most people don’t so…)

  7. Wow. So glad to see some fall into the beer hater category. Thought I was the only one out there. In fact the “taste like dirty water” is my exact phrase I have used. I have tried every one I can find out there but still dislike them all. Thought I was the only one.

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