Fish Lee: When Neurodiversity Meets Humor

Here’s to something a little different… I sometimes write on this page to help out the boyfriend (Editor’s note: That’s me,) and always keep things nice and geeky, but this time, I wanted to open up about my own personal life. My eldest son has been living with Tourette’s. At thirteen years old, it isn’t always an easy task to be different, and since we live in a small community, he is pretty much alone.

Thanks to the wonderful world of the Internet, my mission was to find a way to normalize his situation (not only for him, but for others also), and make it known that his neurodiversity isn’t a hurdle, and that the “showy” part of living with Tourette’s isn’t the norm…

While surfing, I found this amazing artist, Fish Lee, also living with Tourette syndrome, that explains very simply and with much humour what it’s like to live in this world, going through every day normal activities, through the eyes of Tourette’s. He also designed an amazing comic book giving his Superhero and sidekick Tourette’s and ADHD powers.

¸Tick loud and proud, and enjoy a bit of Tourette’s humour and knowledge thanks to Mr Fish Lee, my son’s new hero.

[Tourette’s Life]

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