Nintendo Pipe Mug: A Convenient Way to Warp Caffeine Into Your Body!

Here’s a fun 3D mug shaped like a pipe from Super Mario Bros. A convenient way to warp caffeine into your body!

Wouldn’t it be super convenient to just jump in a warp pipe whenever you needed to leave your home? Warp pipes would make great public transportation… if you’re not concerned with where you’ll end up (or being eaten by a piranha plant). You know what, maybe it’s better that we don’t jump into random pipes. But now you can drink from one!

This ThinkGeek exclusive warp pipe mug has nothing hiding inside of it except an empty space for your favorite beverage. Feel free to pour your coffee, tea or wine (we don’t judge) inside with no fear of it disappearing to a bonus level.

Please do not try and climb into the mug for your own warping purposes.

[Nintendo Warp Pipe Mug]