Pay What You Want for the Humble STEM Book Bundle: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (And Support Charity!)

If you’re into everything that Geeks are Sexy is about, the Humble STEM Book Bundle is for you! To get all the books featured in the bundle, it would normally cost you over $1,000, but for a few days, you can get the whole thing for a ridiculous price, and on top of that, you’ll be supporting a charity of your choice in the process!

This bundle is a four-in-one! Delve into science, technology, engineering, and mathematics with a library of ebooks from Mercury. Get Quantum Mechanics, Radar Systems and Radio Aids to Navigation, Artificial Intelligence and Problem Solving, Network Security and Cryptography, Numerical Methods in Engineering and Science (C, C++, and MATLAB), and more.

[Pay What You Want for the Humble STEM Book Bundle]

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