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  1. If we all took the time to compliment, edify, and/or thank someone on a daily basis, we would all be better for it. Positive acknowledgment and encouragement of one another is uplifting and even contagious. With so many of us virtually slaves to smart phones, social media and insta-this or snap-that, a live, personable moment of genuine uplifting interaction can have a profound affect (and effect) on someone.

    As a society we have withdrawn behind various electronic barriers that have left us almost incapable of live person to person verbal and social interaction. Does anyone (besides telemarketers) call anymore? Do you have to compete with a smartphone to interact with a family member? People get downright testy when they are compelled to tear away from miniature screens to make eye contact and use vocal cords (unless it is to interrupt our own screen fixation to insist on immediately sharing the latest cat video).

    This comic is truly great on many levels. That it depicts “an elder” passing on wisdom and the power of words, especially kind words, to a youngster makes it, in my view, an instant classic.

    Try emulating the scenario depicted in the cartoon. See what happens. Also, something I have done for many years now, is actually addressing (and thanking) customer service people by the names on their name tags, Jot down the name of the voice on a customer service call (resist the urge to use chat). Take the time to address and thank or in some way edify those you encounter during the course of a day. Do it by name and in a personable and appreciative manner. Observe their countenance. See what happens with them. See what happens…within…you.

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