Liked Kung Fury? You’ll LOVE Commando Ninja! [Full Feature Film]

If you like movies such as Kung Fury and Turbo Kidd, you’ll absolutely LOVE Commando Ninja! The movie raised over $36,000 via kickstarter and was released yesterday by director Benjamin Combes as a holiday gift for everyone. Enjoy!

In early 2016, after a decade directing trailers at Ubisoft, Fan-Films for YouTube and Indie Short Films, Benjamin Combes, a young French Director is kicking into high gear with COMMANDO NINJA, an ambitious Action-Comedy feature, tribute to the 80’s Blockbusters like Predator, Rambo, Mad Max… The project raised 32,000 euros on Kickstarter, thanks to the huge sharing of the B-Movie Underground community, and especially from David Sand-berg, the director of Kung Fury.

Warning: Gore

John is a Vietnam Green Beret Vet, Half Commando, Half Ninja, whose daughter has been abducted by a secret Ninja Organization, led by a Central-American dictator, who wants to create a new-world order… through time…

[Benjamin Combes]

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