Hilariously Adorable Hand-Crocheted Yip Yips Pouches

Carissa Browning crocheted these geektastic stockings basing herself on the hilarious aliens from Sesame Street. Unfortunately, they’re not available for sale, but if you know how to crochet or knit, the patterns are available for free on her Ravelry page.

Update: There’s also a few available for purchase here from a very talented artist.

The spaceship has landed, and any fan of late 20th century children’s public television will recognize these lovable aliens.

Crochet them or knit them, use them as holiday stockings, toy storage, kids’ laundry, whatever really!

You should also be prepared to play with ping pong balls and pipe cleaners, and do a little light sewing.

[Yip Yip Knit or Crochet Patterns | Via BoingBoing]

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