Humble Monthly Deal: Get OVER $100 of Games Every Month For a Year For Just $99 (And Support Charity!)

For all you gamers out there that like to try a lot of games, the Humble Monthly package from the folks over at Humble Bundle is just the thing for you! For the current delivery, you get Cause 3 XXL, Wizard of Legend, and Project Cars 2, along with plenty of other games for one low price. Every game is yours to keep and you can cancel anytime. On top of that, you get 10% off on the humble bundle store and help support charity. You can’t really go wrong with that.

Humble Monthly is usually $12 per month, but for a limited time, you can pay for a full year in advance and get it for just $99! Paying monthly would cost you $144 at the end of the year!

Humble Monthly members get great games delivered to their inbox on the first Friday of every month. Forget paying full price for recent hits, indie gems, and timeless classics.

[Humble Monthly: Get OVER $100 of Games Every Month For a Year for Just $99]


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