Brawl Away Your Thirst With This Cuphead Mug!

Cuphead Mug

Cuphead was one of my favorite games of of 2017/2018, and now, you can have the iconic character as a literal cup thanks to this Cuphead ceramic mug! It even comes with A decorative ceramic straw!

Cuphead Mug: Top View

You knew a product like this was inevitable. It would be a disservice not to have this be a thing. The upside is that we’re almost 100% certain this cup won’t try and bet its soul with the devil. But just in case you should probably keep an eye on your kitchen cabinets if you purchase this.

This Cuphead Ceramic Mug featuring Cuphead’s… head. As a cup. Comes with decorative ceramic straw, because it just wouldn’t be the same without it.

[Cuphead Ceramic Mug]


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