For Tabletop RPG Players: Clicking Counter Ring and D20 Spinner Ring

Need to keep up with how much mana or life your RPG character has left? Or maybe what you need is something to replace that D20 that keeps falling off the table? If you answered yes to either of those questions, check out these awesome rings from CritSuccess.

The d20 Spinner Ring


Instead of crawling around on the floor like a barbarian (no offense, folks who play barbarians), what if you held the secret to random dice rolls in your hands? You will with this d20 Spinner Ring. These rings with an outer band labeled 1-20 can functionally take the place of dice. As the manufacturer states, “The surface area of the numbers or symbols are distributed across the outer spinning band in such a way that matches the probability curve of a random event.” And no forgetting to bring your dice – they’re on your fingers.

The Clicking Counter Ring


Available in black or rainbow finish, these Clicking Counter Rings make it easy to track life in MTG or whatever in your game of choice. Plus, they don’t take up space on your mat or table, and you can’t misplace them. Well, not while you’re wearing them, at least.

[The d20 Spinner Ring | The Clicking Counter Ring]