Nebula Capsule II: World’s First Android TV Pocket Cinema

Earlier today, following their massively successful campaign for the first version of the Capsule pocket cinema, the folks from Nebula launched the Kickstarter campaign for the Capsule II. The new projector doubles the luminosity of its predecessor and features the same design as the first version, but with plenty of new features, including Android TV, the Google Assistant, HD resolution, better audio, support for 3,600 native apps, and much, much more!

Capsule II uses a top-grade DLP (Digital Light Processor) to project a beautiful 720p HD picture onto 100 inches of screen, tent, wall… or pretty much any other surface in your vicinity. Powered by OSRAM LEDs, Capsule II boasts twice the brightness of its predecessor. The brand-new hardware is enhanced by IntelliBright™ technology; smart software that adjusts localized brightness in real-time to deliver a vivid more radiant image, even in brighter environments. Not only is Capsule II’s internal speaker much more powerful, thanks to some neat internal architecture the driver enclosure has been expanded by 50%. This extra space allows sound to develop more power and resonance. In other words: Big Space = Big Bass.

The kickstarter campaign was launched just a few hours ago, and the project has already raised over $500,000! Now how amazing is that?

[Nebula Capsule II: World’s First Android TV Pocket Cinema]

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