EPLight: The Most GORGEOUS LED Light Bulbs EVER!

Initially launched on Kickstarter where the project raised over $163,878 from over 2,500 backers, the E.P. series of LED light fixtures will bring beauty and creative energy to your home and office! Each light bulb can either be used on a base or screwed inside a regular light socket and is totally unique! They will even ship the light bulbs worldwide for free if your order is above $100!

The inspiration behind E.P. Light was born when we noticed that light bulbs are so prevalent in our work and home lives. So we asked ourselves how we can infuse beauty into these spaces. Thanks to the strong creative influences of Jackson Pollock and Thomas Edison, we created E.P. Light. — environmentally-friendly, hand-made works of art, with LED lights, bringing beauty into every space.

[E.P. Light: When Ambient Lighting Meets Creativity]

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