These Critical Failure D20s Replace the 1 With the F Word

Critical Failure D20

Sure, there’s plenty of “critical hit” dice out there, but I’ve never seen one highlighting critical failures! A critical failure is when you roll a 1 on a D20 while playing Dungeons and Dragons or other RPGs, meaning you fail miserably at what you were attempting to do.

Update Nov. 2019: I now have a set of critical failure dice at home, and they are ABSOLUTELY as gorgeous as the ones you see in the pictures. They’re also very well balanced and have a satisfying weight to them. Rolling them is truly a joy!

Critical Failure Dice

The perfect 25mm metal D20 for slaying princess, saving dragons, and trying desperately to seduce your way out of trouble! Prevent table flipping and provide much needed levity after rolling your third critical failure in a row.

Critical Failure Dice Sets

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