MEZMOGLOBE: A Kinetic Desk Toy with Full Body Optical Illusion

The Mezmoglobe is a kinetic desktop toy with full body optical illusion. When revolving, the toy creates the illusion of a continuously flowing helix that seems to merge with the surface it’s standing on.

A piece of kinetic art that invites you to transform it from precisely engineered still shape into hypnotic optical illusion. Made out of aerospace grade aluminum it has a helix-shaped groove milled alongside the whole surface. When revolving it creates an almost magical effect that looks like continuously flowing helix would merge into a surface of tabletop.

Designed to spin on any desk or flat surface. The solid spherical body and smooth finish make it very pleasant to interact with. It spins silently so you won’t be bothering anyone around.

As I’m writing this, the MEZMOGLOBE kickstarter has raised over $235,295 on an initial funding goal of $3,931.


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