Artist Bring Pop Culture Action Figures Into The Multiverse Through Photography

Doctor Strange meets Darth Vader? Groot becoming Marty Mcfly? Photographer Allen “Jax” Navarro‘s imagination has no boundaries, and we thank him for that! In this series of illustrations, the artist uses action figures from various pop culture franchises to create unlikely (but very funny) scenarios that could only exist in our imagination! Here are a few of our favorites:


If you are wondering how Navarro started what is now a full-time obsession, here’s what he wrote on his about page:

On December of 2015, Lora (his wife) bought me a Sphero BB-8 remote controlled toy for Christmas. We had just watched the new Star Wars Episode 7, The Force Awakens and my obsession for Star Wars was “Awakened” (see what I did there). So after receiving this amazing gift from my wife, I honestly felt like a kid again. And being obsessed with photography, I started taking pictures of this little dude and posting them on a new Instagram account that I created. I had no expectations from this new Instagram account, but I knew it would be fun, different, and challenging. Browsing related hashtags on my new Instagram account, I discovered a whole new world of Toy Photography that consisted of wildly creative artists that take pictures of toys. I was hooked immediately and this Instagram account evolved into what @plasticaction is today.. A full-time obsession! Funny as this sounds, I am playing with toys again as a grown man, creating scenes and stories in my head just as I did as a child, but this time sharing these visions to the world through photography.

To check out more of Navarro’s awesome work, be sure to follow him on Instagram or Facebook! You can also visit his official website right here.


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