Bucketheads: Stormtroopers Finally Get the Movie They Deserve [Trailer]

Sure, they’re everywhere in the Star Wars universe, but we know very little about them. In the original trilogy, Stormtroopers are little more than cannon fodder that constantly miss their targets, but in reality, the soldiers of the empire are much more than that.

Bucketheads is a fan film by Transmute Media that takes a look at the life of a stormtrooper during the Galactic Civil War. The movie even has Mark Meer (the voice of the male version of Mass Effect’s Commander Shepard) playing in it!

Every side has a story worth telling. Bucketheads is an independent Star Wars short film about a squad of storm troopers caught behind enemy lines. Discover the story of Nova Squad on December 8th right here on the Transmute Pictures YouTube channel.

Bucketheads will be aired at DragonCon next weekend and will be released online on December 8.

[Transmute Pictures]

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