Teen Titans Go Movie Review: When Deadpool Goes Family-Friendly

Ok, so we don’t often post kids’ movie reviews, but there’s a first for everything! Mom of three wonderful geeklings, we usually stay clear of the darkness and seriousness of most of the DC Universe movies. This time though, we found our niche with the Teen Titans Go movie! Staying true to their immature nature, our favorite adolescent non-heroes are trying to have their own Superhero movie, just like the real superheroes of our time!

Poking fun at Marvel several times (including cameos from Stan Lee, voiced by himself), and even spoofing the Lion King, Teen Titans Go The Movie keeps the laughter coming. Imagine a light, family style Deapool! (Well that’s what my kids thought… yeah, they haven’t seen Deadpool yet and won’t for another few years…but you get the picture)

Perfect for my thirteen and eleven years old boys and my almost eight daughter!

Just bear in mind that this is not a date movie, and that you will not leave with a lesson…Oh, and fans of the old Teen Titans, watch out for an end-credit scene… a sixth season after a too long hiatus? Who knows?

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