Dorkly Comic: The Biggest Plothole In the Star Wars Prequels

Here’s a comic strip written by @JHallComics from Dorkly.

Ok, this one is posted only for the funnies because any self-respecting Star Wars fan knows that this conversation could never happen since Vader has been pulled to the Dark side and seems to have no control over this darkness that has invaded him. This comic strip would imply Anakin had “Light” motivations for going to the Dark side and therefore the whole premise of a great evil controlling the universe goes to the dumps, as well as the balance between Light and Dark. We clearly see how the darkness appeals to him and how he doesn’t give a scruffy nerfherder’s behind about those Padawans and Jedis! And…

Okay,I’m getting internet angry about a comic strip meant to be just a funny thing…

Kicking the fangirl out and bringing the serious neutral writer back: read speach bubbles! Funny things! Laughter will follow (if you don’t take this too seriously ;) )!

[Source: Dorkly]

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