Thinkgeek is Holding a HUGE Summer Sale on Over 400 Geektastic Products!

I know you are all already waiting for this Heat Wave to break, so to help a little, the folks from thinkgeek are holding a huge summer sale on over 400 geektastic products, including geeky swimsuits starting at $9.99, T-Shirts starting at $3.99, and Geeki Tikis starting at $7.99. And if you want ot stay inside, be sure to grab a discounted copy of Arkham Horror (50% Off!) to solve spooky mysteries from the comfort of your living room AC.

Geeky swimsuits starting at $9.99
T-Shirts starting at $3.99
Geeki Tikis starting at $7.99
Arkham Horror Board Game$59.99 $29.99

[Thinkgeek Summer Sale: Up to 80% Off on Over 400 Geektastic Products]

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