Jabees Firefly – A Cheap Pair of True Wireless Earbuds With Tons of Innovative Features

Looking for a great pair of true wireless earbuds with features that no one else offers (that I know of,) then look no further than the Jabees Firefly. The Jabees Firefly is pair of advanced situational awareness wireless earbuds that offers an exceptionally fast charte rate, Bluetooth 5.0, Graphene Sound, a voice-controlled AI and 16 hours of music (with the charging case.) And the best thing about them? They cost just $64 for now!

Be in two worlds at once. Get lost in your favorite songs and have full awareness of your outside surrounding when you want it. Firefly offers a premium Graphene sound, an ambient sound feature that filters in external noise for extra safety during sports, and especially designed ear fit for longterm comfort.

With it’s 16 hours play time, fast charging capabilities, and an unbreakable Bluetooth 5.0 connection, you will never miss a beat again.

And yes, some people have tested them, including Forbes, Appleworld Today, Digital Trends, and more!

From Forbes:

All the other features one would expect from a wireless headset, including the ability to take calls and use voice assistant, are included. The Firefly even has a transparency mode that allows outside noise to filter in, making the earbuds safer for runners or cyclists while using them on the road.

As I’m writing this, the the Jabees Firefly has raised over $128,000 on an initial funding goal of $10,000 for the earbuds to be manufactured.

[Firefly – An Advanced Situational Awareness Wireless Earbuds]

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