This Modded Barbie Ride-On Toy Car Can Go Up to 70MPH (112KPH)

Edwin Olding used the chassis of a Barbie Power Wheels Ford Mustang and set it on top of an old go-kart frame. He then used a customized Honda dirt bike engine to power the whole thing, which can go up to 70MPH. Check it out in action below!

From Grind Hard Plumbing Co:

We built this Barbie Mustang Go Kart in four days. First I found a used and abused go kart on craigslist and we got that running. Then we tore apart the Pink Power Wheels Mustang, cut the go kart chassis to fit in the toy car then pulled the motorcycle engine. We welded engine mounts in the front of the kart for better weight distribution then installed a 240cc Honda Dirtbike engine. This crazy kart build was an absolute blast and we will be doing and filming plenty of projects like this so stay tuned!

[Grind Hard Plumbing Co | Via The Drive]