EverCam: The Awesome Wirefree Security Cam with One Year of Battery Life!


Anker has all sorts of awesome products, and now, they just ventured into home security products with their new EverCam security camera. The Evercam is a wireless security camera that can last up to 365 days (or 3 years in standby Mode) on a single charge! It also has plenty of other awesome innovative features such as face recognition, IP66 weather protection, live streaming, and much, much more! Check out the product’s intro video:

Birds, dogs, and falling leaves can trigger other security cameras into sending you false alarms. We understand that a security camera that sends you excessive false alarms will just be ignored, or even worse, unplugged.

EverCam reduces false alarms by up to 95% by applying a 3-step scanning and filtering process. First, register your friends and family as trusted faces, then, once someone approaches the vicinity of your house, EverCam can determine if that person is someone you trust to further reduce the alerts you get.

The EverCam looks like an amazing product, and since it comes from Anker/Eufy, you can be sure it’s going to be a very high quality product. We have promoted another crowdfunding campaign from the company in the past (the Nebula Capsule,) and the product as delivered as promised. As I’m writing this, the EverCam has already been fully funded with over $388,000 raised on an initial funding goal of $50,000 and there’s still 59 days remaining to the campaign.

[EverCam: The Awesome Wirefree Security Cam with 365-Day Battery Life]


2 Responses to EverCam: The Awesome Wirefree Security Cam with One Year of Battery Life!

  1. So it’s vapourware from Kickscammer – big surprise. Lets all tune back in Sept 2018 and see what lame excuses the beggars, oops, I mean the inventors have for why they pissed thru all the money and still don’t have anything but a handful of test units with a fraction of the promised features out in the wild.

    • It comes from Anker and Eufy… both very serious companies. I bough many products from these guys and they’re always of the highest quality. The also make the best cables I’ve ever owned. I also have some power packs from them… and a humongous power bank.