Pokemon Coming To Universal Studios Orlando

Universal Studios is adding a Pokemon section in Orlando. It appears it will be part of the kids area rather than a new Nintendo park.

The news comes from ABC’s Channel 9 in the city. It reports that the Pokemon park will be added to Universal’s KidZone section. That’s an area that’s come in for some criticism for being based around characters such as Woody Woodpecker and Barney the Dinosaur that aren’t exactly current favorites among today’s kids.

Previous reports suggested KidZone might be demolished altogether and replaced by a Nintendo area that would include a Donkey Kong roller coaster and real-life Mario Karting. That’s instead going to be a separate park in recently-acquired land across the street. The Channel 9 report suggests Pokemon will become part of KidZone rather than replacing it.

Games fans have a bit of a wait however. The Pokemon area is expected in 2020, with the Nintendo park opening in 2023

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