Nomadic Audio: A High-End Bluetooth Speaker That Packs a MASSIVE Punch!

Morel is a high-end audio system brand that has been in the business of high quality speakers for over 40 years, and now, they’ve entered the world of Bluetooth speakers with their latest product: The Nomadic Audio portable sound system.

Nomadic Audio provides more REAL SOUND and less digitally processed sound. The speaker provides:

-Higher Sound Resolution
-Acoustic Amplifying Suitcase
-TWS & aptX Bluetooth protocols

Most speakers are built big because rich sound requires space. It’s just something that’s been sacrificed with modern portable speakers. But with Nomadic Audio‚Äôs patent-pending technology you can use the revolutionary High-End Bluetooth speaker as a stand-alone, and as an audio driver once placed in an enclosure (Speakase carry-on Suitcase), where the sound is enhanced and becomes powerful like in a full scale quality speaker. It becomes a big box speaker that outperforms on every level.

[Nomadic Audio | Massive HiFi Speaker for Travelers]

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