Discover Your Real-Life Roleplaying Stats With the 4d6andMe Stat DNA Discovery Kit

Check out the new 4d6andMe Stat DNA Discovery Kit! No need to provide a blood sample, just a small saliva sample. You’ll then be on your way to discover your real-life roleplay attributes (STRength, DEXterity, CONstitution, INTelligence, WISdom, and CHArisma.)

We are excited for you to begin this adventure. Admit it: since the first time you picked up those polyhedral dice, you wondered, “What would my stats look like?” And in the past, it’s been a mystery. But now, with the help of science, you can find out what those random number generators say about you.

Everybody has a D&D story. What’s yours? We can tell you your class, ability scores, ability modifiers, saving throws, skill proficiencies, hit die, passive wisdom, and initiative all on one easy-to-read form – in fact a Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition character sheet! No more arguing over who gets shotgun or who gets to sing along with the radio and who doesn’t. These numbers tell your personal D&D story.

In the LFG tool, you can see relationships between you and and other registered players and compare them with up to five other matches at a time to help you triangulate new players for your next adventure.

And if you want additional information – for instance, whether you’re naturally gifted or its a racial bonus – you can choose to add on additional reports, such as Race and Alignment, for a small fee.

[4d6andMe Stat Discovery Kit]

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