Energizer Makes ‘Five Day’ Phone

There’ll soon be an Energizer smartphone and as you’d expect, the battery life is the selling point. It could offer a five day life on a single charge.

How long a phone lasts is a combination of the battery capacity and the efficiency of the phone itself, and Energizer has certainly addressed the former. The number in the name ‘Energizer Power Max P16K Pro’ refers to a 16,000 mAh battery, which compares to at or approaching 3,000 mAh in most high end phones today.

The big downside is that the phone is 15 millimeters thick and weighs in at 350 grams. That’s roughly equivalent to two ‘standard’ smartphones back to back. Alternatively it’s like having a smartphone and a slim powerbank permanently attached to one another.

Either way, it’s still a considerably better battery capacity-to-bulk ratio than most phones today. The Android phone is being produced by France’s Avenir Telecom, licensing the Energizer brand, and there’s no details yet on how they’ve achieved the battery capacity or whether Energizer itself contributed any technology.

Avenir is only touting an expected battery life of two to three days when the 16,000 mAh would imply closer to five. It’s not clear if that’s just a case of underpromising or if the phone doesn’t use battery as efficiently as it might. It’s not being released until September, so it’s possible the company is still working on the software.

The phone supports fast charging and TechRadar estimates it will take around 90 minutes for a full charge this way. One disappointment is that it won’t be possible to use the phone’s battery to charge other devices.

[Pictures: TechRadar]

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