LEXIP: The Most Accurate and Versatile GAMING Mouse Ever Created!

Its creators define the Lexip as the most accurate and versatile gaming mouse ever created, and after watching the demo (embedded below,) I have to say that they’re probably right. I’ve never been excited about a mouse before, but this would looks like it could be a major game changer for many gamers! The product has only been on kickstarter for a few days and it already tripled its initial funding goal with over 78,000 euros raised so far (ships worldwide!)

Lexip is the world’s first gaming mouse designed to be an all-in-one solution for your gaming needs across all types of games. It’s a high-performance gaming mouse which is intuitive, precise, and fast in all your favorite games. What makes our mouse extremely innovative is the fact that we have merged two joysticks into an already amazing high-performance gaming mouse. This allows you to combine maneuvers, easily access load-outs, and control your character/vehicle like never before!

[LEXIP: The Most Accurate and Versatile GAMING Mouse Ever Created]

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