Huge LEGO Technic Minifig Roller Coaster

Youtuber and Lego enthusiast Shadow Elenter always dreamt of bulding a roller coaster using LEGO bricks, and last year, after winning a large amount of Lego Technic bricks, he finally made his dream come true.

The main challenges of building one was the fact that there’s no tracks made by LEGO to work on this scale. I experimented with making tracks with various parts, but making curves never really worked like I wanted it to, and even a small radius turn took way to many parts. And then it hit me… I don’t NEED curved tracks! all I need is ways to make the cart change direction! After that realization my brain exploded with fun and creative ways to do just that. Not only does it take less parts because you can stay very compact, it’s technically way more complex, interesting(to build), and more fun to watch.

[Shadow Elenter]

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