Samsung Shows Latest ‘Biggest TV Ever’

Whatever the trend for the latest gadgets at the annual CES event in Vegas, there’ll always be room for humongous televisions. Though that’s only just literally the case with Samsung’s star prototype: a 146” television screen.

Dubbed “The Wall”, there’s no promise of it showing up as a consumer model during 2018: instead it’s currently just a concept model designed to make a visual impact at the show. If and when it shows up, you’ll need a wall space more than 10 feet wide.

Sheer size aside, what makes the TV interesting is that it doesn’t use the most common display methods of today, namely LCD and OLED. Instead the image comes from Micro-LED, which is effectively a smaller version of the billboards used to display video ads in Times Square and the like.

Each 0.8 millimeter ‘pixel’ in the screen is made of a batch of colored LEDs that can switch on or off and combine to give the pixel the required color. That means there’s no need for a backlight. The tiny LEDs use a combination of quantum dots and inorganic self-emissive diodes, which in practical terms means none of the excessive heat you might fear in what’s effectively a collection of millions of tiny lightbulbs.

Despite the size of the screen, the smallness of the pixels means that as long as you’re sitting far enough away to be able to see the full screen (around six feet), the individual pixels aren’t discernible.

Samsung also showed off two TVs that are more likely to go on sale this year: 85” and 65” models with an “8K” resolution (7680 x 4320). While there’s no real prospect of widespread 8K content any time soon, the company claims the sets can upscale content from as low-resolution as standard definition.

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