Little Miss Inventor Joins Mr Men Line-Up

A female engineer will be the latest star of the Mr Men Books. Little Miss Inventor will debut on 8 March next year, coinciding with both British Science Week and International Women’s Day.

The publishers told the BBC that the character is “intelligent, ingenious and inventive.” The story features her coming up with relevant inventions for other characters such as Little Miss Chatterbox (a “chatter-natter hat”) and Mr Greedy (a “backpack-snack-attack fridge”) but opting out of producing something for Mr Rude.

The book was written and drawn by Adam Hargreaves, whose father Roger created the Mr Men and Little Miss universe. He said that it had “been nice to write a story that promotes a positive role model and to challenge a stereotype, if only in a small way.” (It’s perhaps worth noting the last two characters created for the series were Little Miss Sparkle and Little Miss Fabulous.)

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