Your Ability to Dance is Insignificant Next to the Power of This Star Wars Death Star Disco Ball

This Star Wars Death Star disco ball is just the perfect thing for your after hours Stormtrooper dance-offs!

This shiny, party focal point is 16″ in diameter and covered in glass mirrors. By day, it’s a reminder of our favorite space saga. By night, it surrounds you with the moving stars of hyperspace. It’s also the perfect centerpiece to your annual recreation of the Battle of Yavin. Stay on target!

Star Wars Death Star Disco Ball
-Officially-licensed Star Wars merchandise
-A ThinkGeek exclusive
-Spin the Death Star slowly for a Dark Side party atmosphere
-For all members of the Empire who like to dance
-And those Rebels who celebrate the Empire’s defeat
-Disco ball is covered in many tiny mirrors
-Equatorial trench and concave dish visible (you provide the composite beam superlaser)
-Materials: Glass
-Dimensions: 16″ diameter
-Weight: 2.1 lbs.
-Includes hanging mirror ball, instruction manual

[Star Wars Death Star Disco Ball]

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