Gorgeous Star Wars and the Force T-Shirt Pays Homage to Princess Leia

An absoletely gorgeous t-shirt that pays homage to both Princess Leia and Carrie Fisher. Giant hair buns not required. Available in sizes S to 3XL.

Bravery. Leadership. Style. Blaster skills. Fancy hairdos. Princess Leia Organa had it all. And, though she didn’t always know it, she had the Force flowing through her. Now you can be reminded of the connecting force that flows through you, too, with the Star Wars Leia and the Force T-Shirt. Featuring Leia in a powerful pose, our favorite general from Alderaan is ready to face any challenge, head on. Wearing this shirt leaves no doubt as to your allegiance, fighting for the side of light. It’s the perfect shirt for all your loved ones who have their moments, and the scruffy-looking Nerf herders, too.

[Star Wars Leia and the Force T-Shirt]

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