Nintendo to Release New Super Mario Bros. Movie

After the disastrously disappointing live action Super Mario Bros. movie that was released back in 1993, who would have thought that Nintendo would be interested in producing a new movie featuring the Italian brothers ever again? According to the Wall Street Journal, that day is upon us!

It seems that Nintendo, after being in negotiations for nearly a year, has recently concluded a deal with Illumination Entertainment, the company behind the Despicable Me movies, to do an animated Super Mario Bros. film. Sure, the Japanese giant has produced several Pokémon movies in the past, and rumors of a Zelda flick has been reported online several times, but this is the first announcement in years about a new franchise being ported to the big screen.

All we know for now is that the animated Super Mario Bros. movie is currently in “early development,” which quite frankly, doesn’t say much. These movies often take years to make, so I wouldn’t expect the title to come out anytime soon.

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  1. Here’s the plot.
    Mario is an Italian immigrant living off of plumbing. His life seems to have turned into a fairy tale kind of happy ever after when he falls in love with the beautiful and blonde princess Peach. But, oh-o! The royal family has enemies and the princess gets kidnapped! Will Mario succeed in rescuing the love of his life? (Or is she in another castle?)

    Luigi joins in the sequel.

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