Apple Fixes Text A[?]nput A[?]ssue

Apple has fixed an unfortunate autocorrect bug that affected upper case ‘I’s, though it hasn’t explained what caused the problem.

Users who updated to iOS 11.1 found that Apple’s favourite letter was instead being replaced with a capital A followed by a question mark either in parentheses or a square.

Updating to the latest software edition (iOS 11.1.1) should fix the bug, though users might need to manually force the update.

That comes after Apple’s advice of a temporary workaround of adding a “Keyboard Text Replacement” shortcut where ‘I’ was in both the input and replacement fields. Less conveniently, turning off predictive text also fixed the problem.

Exactly why the issue arose isn’t clear, though it may be related to Apple’s emoji input tool as some people affected by the problem noticed that a lower case ‘i’ showed up among the pictures in their list of frequently used emoji.

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