Who is Your Savior? [Comic]

Heck, based on the Whovians I know, it might as well BE a religion!

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[Source: Home on the Strange]

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    • Because we think it is good and like blue things and funny jokes and decent filming of shows that do not require the main star to get naked or talk about how much of a bitch so and so is or prance around like a redneck fat fucking little kid !

  1. There’s no such race as the Scarlioni. There was /Count/ Scarlioni, the 20th century alias of Scaroth who was the last of the Jagaroth. And it was Duggan who punched him in the face thereby allowing life to develop on Earth.

  2. Seriously? GAS, too? “Hey, Christians are an easy target, and it’s popular to mock them – let’s score a few points with the morally liberal by promoting this Jesus-bashing comic! And then, when any Jehova’s Witnesses or Christians get offended or comment on it, we can point to the fact that we didn’t make the comic, and our preferred fan-base will not only back us up, but get the enjoyment of flaming the JW’s and Christians in addition to enjoying the comic!”

    • I love when people claim something is bashing jesus when in fact its bashing people who have nothing better to do than to shove their particular flavor of faith in other people’s faces. Also stop acting like every single JW and Christian lacks a sense of humor.

      • If someone comes to your door you can ignore them and they will go away. Christians believe that a person is going to hell if they don’t accept Jesus, so to them they are trying to save souls and help people. This comic would have been funny if it had stopped before accusing the Bible of being fanfiction, or making fun of Jesus’ resurrection.

    • I’m sorry, are jokes simply allowed to be shared anymore? Most every joke is offensive in some way, but if you can’t deal with it, perhaps it’s best to simply turn off your computer and stay away from the internet. You know, the place where we share everything?

      Learn to laugh – everything has some part of it that can be mocked.

      • “Are jokes simply [not] allowed to be shared anymore?” (I assume you meant to put a “not” in there.) Sorry my opinion offends you so much. I just thought it was a cheap shot. Like Éowyn said, it would have been funny if it had stopped before mocking some peoples’ belief system.

        I’d have thought it was a cheap shot if it had made a mockery of atheism, or Buddhism, or Mormonism. It’s like all the popular, athletic kids pointing at the geeky kid and mocking them for who they are or their choice of clothing. And it’s the mockers who need to get over themselves and accept that someone or something being different isn’t a threat to them.

        I guess I’m just disappointed in GAS – I’d have expected better from them.

    • As a christian I didn’t see it as bashing really. It was bashing people who shove views down other peoples throats. In this case both of these people are idiots. And as a christian I door to door bashing is a dumb idea. Of course as far as I know mainly JW do that.

      • Door knocking is a cultural thing. As a Christian who grew up with a more fundamental background, we door knocked all the time because we were told that it was our duty. As an adult, I have left that fundamentalist movement because I have a choice. To be fair however, different cultures react differently to the door to door thing. In America, it is considered annoying pretty much everywhere, but if you go to some other countries and do the same, you are welcomed in and you have a conversation with them and make a friend. It is said that it used to be that way in America and our culture changed. Since many fundamentalist groups are decades behind the times, perhaps this could explain this phenomena.

        • I grew up a catholic in Europe and now I’m in Korea, and I don’t know any country where this kind of door knocking way to propagate religion is accepted. It’s not only annoying, because you’re wasting people’s time as an unannounced guest, but it can also be dangerous because there are sects and other weird religion related groups, and the visitors tend to be so rude in a so nice and smiling way, they create situations worthy of stand-up comedy sketches.

  3. Using the term “-bashing” to refer to the expression of opinions is insulting and offensive. Terms like “gay-bashing” developed because gay people were ACTUALLY BEING BASHED! Christians are not “bashed” in America. They occupy most positions of power. They bash. They don’t get bashed.

    • My apologies for misusing a term in such a way that it offended you – I intended the connotation and was ignorant to the fact that the term had not progressed to a second recognized definition based upon said connotation.

      You are correct stating that there are people who call themselves Christians and bash others. To say “[Christian’s] bash” is like saying “gay men are effeminate” or “Americans are fat” when not all gay men are effeminate (though some are) and not all Americans are fat (though some are). Yes, you CAN judge a group by a subsection of that group; that doesn’t make your judgement correct.

      Also, I’m not sure about the statement that Christians occupy most positions of power. I’d grant you the claim if you had said “People who claim to be Christians occupy most positions of power.” Christ taught that his followers should love their neighbor as their self, but it seems most of those in power love themselves and their power a hell of a lot more than anybody else.

      Lastly, the individual depicted is Jehova’s Witness, and, while no bashing took place in the comic, Jesus WAS beaten before being nailed to a cross (I state this as fact since even prominent atheists do not attempt to argue against it, or so I have found).

      Thank you for pointing out the error of my word choice, and, once again, my apologies for the offense.

  4. Wow. That is a serious blast from the past. I was so sad when Home on the Strange shuttered. It was my favorite webcomic at the time.

    If their forums are still up somewhere, we had the Open Source Wish project going. Basically, we would discuss ways to perfect the wordings of common genie wishes so as to maximize the returns and minimize the “monkey paw” effect.

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