The Most Underrated Sci-Fi Movies Of The Last 15 Years

While some sci-fi flicks are destined to become blockbusters, other equally deserving films often linger unloved on Netflix or gather dust on the shelves before they gain a cult following. Maybe they received poor initial reviews, or perhaps they suffered from a limited or low-key theatrical release. Whatever the reason, they all deserve a second look from true science fiction fans. Here are some of the most underrated sci-fi films of the last 15 years.

Another Earth



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    • It snuck in with Snowpiercer in a nonsense and utter lack of coherency package. Comic-strip is good but the movie is one of the worst sci-fi of the last 15 years.

    • Looper is the name of the source for this video, no?
      It’s not the film. I thought you were kidding, though, as it indeed looks a bit like an addition to the list, but, dunno….just in case you were serious.

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