An Air Conditioner That Works Without Electricity

Sure, most people in first world countries take air conditioning for granted, but for people living in Africa or India where many do not even have electricity, AC is a luxury the vast majority cannot afford.

But now, thanks to the people from New Delhi’s Ant Studio, cooling your home without electricity is now a possibility! The studio has worked with Deki Electronics to create the “Beehive,” a device that is composed of hundreds of terracotta clay tubes arranged in a circular metal frame that can blow cool air inside your home with no electric power!

Here’s how the device works:

When soaked, the terracotta tubes absorb the water, and evaporate cool breezes as warm air pushes through them. It’s low maintenance, economical (due to the low cost and high availability of clay), and kind to the environment. “As an architect, I wanted to find a solution that is ecological and artistic, and at the same time evolves traditional craft methods,” Monish Siripurapu, founder of Ant Studio, told Arch Daily.

[Via Neatorama | Bored Panda]

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