You Can Actually Purchase this AMAZING Fallout 4 Inspired Gauss rifle! [Pics + Video]

Etsy seller and artist PlastCraft inspires himself from video games to create some amazing props, as seen in the unbelievably gorgeous Fallout 4 gauss rifle replica above. The rifle is a handmade item, made of plywood, pvc plastic, PLA, laser LED, blue LEDs, NIXIE tubes, batteries and some metal bolts.

Based on the Kamui Cosplay’s blueprints and Bethesda’s concept arts, this gun could be your best friend in the Wastelands. I’ve tried to create it as much closer to original as possible. So it has blue flashing cells and NIXIE tubes for indication of power level. Everything works with rechargable batteries.

For those interested, it is available for purchase via PlastCraft’s Etsy store.

[Fallout 4 inspired – Gauss rifle]

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