Hellblade: A Groundbreaking Take On Mental Illness More Games Could Learn From

I have pretty much been obsessed with Hellblade since it was first announced (not too long ago, actually). One of the aspects of the game that really drove my curiosity was the fact that the main character, Senua, deals with dark psychological issues (AKA mental illness) and the game was said to deal with it in a very palpable and honest way. After playing it, I can tell you, it does and for that reason alone, Hellblade will resonate with all gamers long after they play it.

In this video, Gamespot delves a little deeper into that aspect of this game and how mental illness is handled. Games like this will shed light on a stigma most don’t dare to even try to understand, and for that, all praises due.

Plus, the game is astounding, subtext aside.