Super Mario Bros on NES Sells For $30,000

A sealed copy of Super Mario Bros has sold on eBay for more than $30,000. It was helped by a couple of frantic last-minute bids, but is still ludicrously expensive compared to an opened copy.

The cartridge by itself is currently going for around $10 among fixed-price ‘Buy It Now’ sellers, while used boxed copies complete with instructions won’t get much more than $40.

However, the mint factory-sealed copy that started out for auction for one cent was gradually driven up to $15,000 the day before the auction ended. With only minutes left to go one bidder doubled the offer to $30,000.44 only to be well and truly sniped by a winning bid of just a hundred dollars more.

Not much is know about the buyer, but they have a net total of more than a thousand positive ratings on the site, so appear to be legit. Indeed, the seller told Kotaku that the winner had also paid $11,000 for a sealed copy of Kid Icarus.

While Super Mario Bros is about as far from a hard-to-find game as it gets, the copy in question is doubly rare: not only is it sealed, but it’s from an early print run, complete with a perforated tab (still in place) for hanging in a store.

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  1. Amazes me what people will pay, but if you look at the time stamps, your account of the bidding is off. The winning bid was posted at 12:51:53PM where as the $30,000.44 was posted AFTER that one at 12:54:59 PM; they were attempting to snipe what ended up being the winner. It looks like the winner just had an autobid that incremented by $100; in other words, the winning bidder probably would have gone even higher for it.

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