The Cosplay of Geekulture Lanaudière: When Geekery Meets Family Fun [Gallery]

It seems that geek-focused conventions are popping up everywhere these days, but among those, very few seem to distinguish themselves from the crowd. It certainly was the case with “Geekulture Lanaudière,” the first exeptional edition of an event that took place in Repentigny, Quebec last weekend.

For the first time, I brought my three kids with me at a con, and from the lightsaber fighting courses to the games of ZORB soccer, everyone had plenty of fun during the whole day. My friends from the Montreal X-Men were also there, raising funds for a suicide prevention organism, as well as the folks from the 501st, reknowned author Anne Robillard, and local television celebrity (and massive geek) Denis Talbot. And as I always do, I immortalized the event with few pictures from my trusty Lumix GX-1. Here they are for your viewing pleasure:

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