Fallout 4 Becomes a Horror Film with Fallout Dread

Pilgrim is a horror overhaul for Fallout 4 created from the ground up by l00ping and TreyM, the creators of Photorealistic Commonwealth and Cinematic Film Looks. This mod takes much of it’s inspiration from the atmosphere and weather seen in the American horror film, The Witch.

New weather, sounds, and environment lighting have been completely designed from scratch by l00ping to bring dreadful atmosphere and realism. A new camera emulation system has been designed by TreyM using a new tonemapping method that emulates the way a digital cinema camera captures footage on a film set. A new weather plugin has been created with this new tonemapping method in mind and is tightly integrated with the ENB, which means the weather plugin will only work properly with Pilgrim.

Get the mod here.

[Oh Deer]