The Dark Souls Board Game: For People Who Like Dying a Lot!

The Dark Souls series now has a board game, and a pretty massive one at that: 252 cards, 121 tokens, 27 miniatures. You might have seen the it on Kickstarter a few months ago, but it’s now officially available for purchase!

Meet Dark Souls, in board game form. It’s got that same exponential challenge rating as the video game, along with the mechanism that returns you to the stupid bonfire every time you die. Which you will. A lot. And you may grind and grind and never even get to the main boss. But when you finally defeat the boss, it’s so dang satisfying. And even if you never do, you’re going to get a box full of really spectacular PVC miniatures, so that’s some consolation, right?

-Innovative node-based tactical movement
-Campaign mode (play multiple scenarios from the original Dark Souls and Dark Souls 3)
-For 1-4 players
-Ages 14+
-Play time: 90-120 minutes
-Mechanic: Cooperative play and modular board

[The Dark Souls Board Game]

One Response to The Dark Souls Board Game: For People Who Like Dying a Lot!

  1. A friend backed it on kickstarter and we already played it.
    We died a few times.
    It can get frustrating.
    But it really is a lot of fun and I do recommend it!
    Also great work with the figures, cards and the other material, very beautiful, and after you understood it once the mechanics are quite straight-forward and easy to play.

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